Living “The Way” part 1 of 3

It’s 2013…a new year!!!! The time when many decisions are made about the year ahead. I’m not a big resolution person, however this year I decided to do something different. This year I decided to make a plan for a great 2013!!! As a Christian, I am consistently trying to develop my relationship with God. […]

Simple Faith

Whenever I can I like to sit and watch nature. Its amazing what we can learn from every day occurrences. There is a big tree in front of my kitchen window with branches that just about touch it. As I was preparing for work the other day I noticed a squirrel enjoying a meal from the […]

Check Your Position

This morning as I often do, I looked out of my window to check out the weather. I noticed the wind blowing wickedly through a young tree below me. “Wow its really windy” I thought to myself. It also looked like rain so I grabbed the proper coat before heading out the door….but nixed the […]

Get to the core!

Off and on I read from a book called Jesus CEO by Laurie Beth Jones. I enjoy it because it gives insights on the life of Jesus and encourages the reader to be empowered to live more like him. Tonight I read about how Jesus boiled the commandments down for the pharisees…Love God with all […]

Father Forgive Them

Luke 23: 24 ” Father Forgive them for they no not what they do” The crucifixion of Jesus is the very foundation of what our faith is founded upon. It is this that confirmed all that Jesus was and is…that he died on a cross and was laid in a tomb defeated satan and took […]

10 Things Every Christian Should Know

10 Things Every Christian Should Know   1)      WE are the church! – many Christians – old and new – do not realize that when the bible talks about Christ coming back for his church – he is not talking about a building or a denomination.  Christ is coming back for PEOPLE!!!  WE – those […]

What are you doing with God’s Anointing?

What are you doing with God’s Anointing? This is what I hear the voice of God saying to the body lately. I’ve been moved in my teachings and in my study time to motivate people to get moving with what they are supposed to be doing. So often, gifted people are put down, fenced in, […]


I’m at an amazing conference in Destin Florida called Feel The Power!!! It sponsored by Mary Kay and I’m here with my MK Director. Tonight I had the opportunity to hear the amazing stories of five very successful people. Their backgrounds are all dramatically different. In the end, in addition to being in awe…I began […]

I want to be more like Gina!

Earlier this week I was about to go out.  It was mid morning, I’d gotten dressed and put on my coat etc.  And as I looked at Gina…just waiting patiently for me to get ready I thought to myself….”I  want to be more like her”  Gina is my Maltese and she was waiting on my to […]


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