Wednesday Wisdom: About Abundance

  When it comes to abundance, if you speak with Christians about it, often it’s a tense topic.  People believe different things about it.  For some, it’s great, for others…not so much. Personally, I believe that there are people on both sides of this thought that should expand their thinking.  And while I have no […]

Wednesday Wisdom: About Our P.E.T.S.

One of the things that connects many people is the fact that they are pet lovers!  If you are not a pet lover, you are probably wondering why anyone would voluntarily adopt a permanent toddler!  I mean, in essence, that’s what we do.  We take on the responsibility of a living thing that will need […]

Wisdom Wednesday: About Being A Blessing

When most people think of a blessing, they think of big, miraculous things that happen, when it seems there was no way for this thing to come true. However, the term blessing has more than just one meaning. I enjoy this one that I found when searching the definition on Bing: a beneficial thing for which […]

Wisdom Wednesday: About Belief

Each month I take part in a “Café Nite with Kim”. It’s a beautiful informal gathering of people that are hungry for spiritual direction. It’s a night of teaching, discussion, and fellowship where mindsets are not only expanded but challenged. During the last meeting, one of the conversations that came about was on the subject of belief. Specifically, […]

Thoughts and inspiration

10 Steps to Reaching your Goals

1) Be Positive One of the most difficult things for many people to do is remain positive. We are conditioned toward the negative. When you look at the news, what makes the headlines, even most television shows, it is true that the dramatic, sad, profoundly intense is always readily available to us. As a result, […]

7 Ways to Get Over Your Roadblocks

Roadblocks – they happen to the best of us.  You are moving along just fine and all of a sudden you realize, you’re stuck.  Well the great thing is you don’t have to remain stuck for long.  Check out this post on 7 ways to get over your roadblocks!

Enjoying Your Relationship with God

I did a Google search and I found developing growing pursuing, pursuing intimacy and personal relationship but I did not find enjoying your relationship with God or enjoying your relationship with Jesus. Wouldn’t it seem that for people of faith since your relationship with God is so important, you should be able to easily find information on […]

Question yourself

ignite = [ig-nahyt] to set fire to, to kindle kindle = [kin-dl] to excite, to stir up or set going, to animate As I prepare for the IGNITE the Spirit retreat, I cannot help but to be reminded what igniting the spirit is all about. My purpose in this retreat is the same as my […]

Living “The Way” part 3 of 3

6) Forgiveness: The bible is filled with scripture on forgiveness. Matthew 6:14-15 tells us to forgive others so God will forgive us. Matthew 18:21 Peter asks Jesus how many times should I forgive my brother… Jesus reply. 70 x 7. Most of us have been spoken to about the idea of forgiveness. We understand it […]

Living “The Way” part 2 of 3

4)This year I will learn more (study to show yourself approved – my ppl suffer for the lack of knowledge) Where would we be without learning? Whether you are reading the first or second testament of the bible, it is clear that learning was important. The survival of a civilization depended upon the Intellegence of […]