Simple Faith

Whenever I can I like to sit and watch nature. Its amazing what we can learn from every day occurrences. There is a big tree in front of my kitchen window with branches that just about touch it. As I was preparing for work the other day I noticed a squirrel enjoying a meal from the fruit of the tree. I have always been amazed at the way squirrels can balance themselves on what seems like threads in the air.

What drew me to watch was not only the fact that my point of view of his mid air feat was at eye level, but also the periodic wind gusts that would blow furiously causing the limbs of the tree to sway. If I were a squirrel, I’d probably be on the ground waiting for the nuts to fall to the ground from a wind gust – I’d probably starve to death also…guess its good I’m not a squirrel! But this squirrel was seemingly disinterested in the wind. It was as if all the world was calm around him. He moved from limb to limb – having the tree and its fruit – all to himself. He seemed perfectly content…stopping periodically to rest for a moment and then moving on with the task at hand.

I have a habit of looking at things and trying to determine what life is telling me. On this particular morning, I thought about how life throws all types of “stuff” at us. Much of it unexpected, much of it challenging, much of it causing us to lose focus on the task at hand. But we have choices – always. We can be on the ground, playing it “safe” waiting for the nuts to fall (not realizing we are about to get hit in the head by one – yikes!), or we can trust that we are innately prepared to do/handle/accomplish all sorts of amazing things in life and that in the end, if we have a bit of faith, it will all work out.

Much of what we go through is altered not only by what we do…but in how we do it. The squirrel was not afraid. He trusted in his own ability to balance his weight on the limbs of the tree. While I’m sure it had done it many times before…there was of course a first time. I don’t know what they teach in squirrel school – but in the school of life I’ve learned something: One should always move in the direction of their talent, their passion, and their faith. You simply can’t miss with that. And if the winds of life come and shake the limb you are hanging out on…simply put on your seatbelt and choose to enjoy the ride.

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