Ignited Spirits Mastermind

Are you a coach, lightworker or spiritual leader that is running a service-oriented business? Are you in ministry but struggling to keep your seats filled? Have you been struggling to gain clients and are unsure of why? Have you spent lots of money to launch but still coming up empty on clients? Are you ready to learn from a seasoned coach that can help you avoid costly mistakes? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then keep on reading. I’ve created the Ignited Spirits Mastermind JUST FOR YOU!

What is it?

The IYB Mastermind is a safe, private space for you to “reignite” your calling to service. I use a mixture of training and coaching to help you clarity the next best steps to take to reach your goals. The groups are always small (never more than 5 like minded people) so the focus on you is never lost. The program runs over a period of 4 months with 12 total sessions (8 group, 4 individual).

How it works

Each Mastermind session will contain 1 business development topic. Additionally, each member will receive a few minutes in the “spark seat” to discuss a pressing business topic with the group. Also, we will regularly go over goals and of course – perfect your “elevator pitch” to insure you will spark the interest of potential clients. Each Mastermind session will meet via zoom and will last for 90 minutes.
All spark meetings will be at least 50 minutes and scheduled based on availability between you and your coach.

Meet Your Master Coach – Kimberly Horvath

Whenever I must talk about myself, I really don’t know where to start – there is a lot to me! I don’t really like titles because they can often be limiting. I’m a person that is forever growing and transitioning. But to help you understand me here are few facts:

  • My first business was being “The Avon Lady” in High School
  • I have over 18 years of Hospitality in my background
  • I’ve held most positions in HR (assistant, recruiter, manager, Director) in both the profit and non-profit sector
  • A fun fact: my parents made me work in a factory the summer before I stated college to ensure I would know why I was continuing my education. It was the first and last time I worked in a factory…
  • I’m an ordained person and have worked on several ministry teams
  • I’m a former Mary Kay Consultant (LOVE THAT PINK!) which led me to become a licensed Esthetician
  • I’m a Reiki Master and believe in both traditional and alternative methods for healing
  • I think you get the picture – I learn from experiences – and I’ve had MANY of them

Here is what you need to know most about me: I’ve been teaching since I was a kid (seriously, it’s one of my strongest spiritual gifts, I can’t help but teach) and I feel like I’ve been coaching forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but I was coaching before I received my coaching credentials in 2007 because in my former life, I was a Human Resources Director and part of my responsibilities (and my joy) was to help leaders get to their next great opportunity! I want to help you get to yours.

The IYB Mastermind is meant to stimulate you and to assist you in making the shifts necessary to be successful. I will teach you the secrets I’ve learned along the way and together we can light the flame to your success. What makes this mastermind unique is that it grows with the individual. The curriculum is ever evolving based on the needs of the group. Some things you can expect to learn in this mastermind are

  • How to recognize your target market vs your ideal client
  • What activities are most likely to help you find your people
  • How to delegate and automate so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy 
  • How to properly set up your business structure and create clear branding so others can easily follow along
  • PRICING!!!! 
  • Streams of income (When/where/why) 
  • It sounds cliché, but there really is SO MUCH MORE – including the dynamic of the group – which quite honestly is one of the best parts of the program

Joining this Mastermind is a SMART decision! Solopreneurs often do not have have the support of a peer group that they can be transparent with. Being a part of this mastermind gives you access to a group of peers that can help support you by holding you accountable, offering advice and sharing information. Let’s not forget that you will have access to a master coach that has successfully worked with hundreds of coaches (like you) over the years.

What are people are saying about the “Ignite Your Business Mastermind?”

  • “Now that I’m clearer, I feel more confident and prepared to speak to my clients and help them accomplish their goals”
  • “These few weeks helped me to develop a core message for my audience that’s better than what I already had!”
  • “ In just a few months my business was open and I had sales! ”
  • “My elevator speech has been perfected! It speaks my core message to my ideal client!”
  • ” I’m much more organized and productive!”

Investing in your business

One of the things I’ve heard from coaches most often is this: “I don’t want to keep investing money into programs that don’t really help!”

So what is included in the program:

  • Private- online coaching office 
  • 8 Live Group Mastermind Sessions: (Sessions are recorded and added to your online classroom) 
  • 4 PRIVATE Spark Meetings (You and your Master Coach- Kimberly Horvath) 
  • Bonus – 3 Steps to a MAXIMIZED Life course (online classroom)
  • Bonus – 6-month Free access to IYB Podcast
  • Bonus – Invitations to all IYB Podcast LIVE Recordings where you can take part in the private (unrecorded) question and answer sessions.

Cost: $660 YES – I’m serious, 12 sessions at $55 per session!

The January session is SOLD OUT. The next session starts in March 2020.

What if I’m ready to join now!!! That’s Great I love an enthusiastic attitude!! Send me an email so we can discuss your goals and how to get started with the prework for the next Mastermind! Kimberly@kimberlyhorvath.com

Wishing you much success. BE IGNITED! – Kimberly