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I know who you are. You are a seeker.  You are in search of information that will help you make a positive change in your life.  Your mind remains busy – filled with many things.  You are in TRANSITION

Unfortunately, schedule conflicts and/or financial constraints hinder your progress.  Without the proper support, you may end up at the end of the year with many of your goals unrealized. Now is the time to stop the cycle.  This is why  I created the:

IGNITED Life Coaching Membership!

This coaching membership will provide you with tools, resources, inspiration, and CLARITY.

The Ignited Life Coaching membership offers:

  • A PRIVATE online coaching portal

  • Online coaching programs within the portal (added to quarterly)

  • A customized online Journal

  • Library Area with usable forms and worksheets

  • Live Webinar Opportunities every month

  • Keep track of your goals with our online calendar

  • Additional tools and resources added regularly

Your monthly investment for the support you desire is only $19.99

Add it here:

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Activate your subscription today and start taking the “VISIONS” course today.  By taking this course, you can actually look at the areas of your life separately, create a vision for those areas and set goals that will connect to your online calendar.  All of this to help keep you on track. Or you can start with the “3-Steps”  Course and begin the process of learning putting together a plan for your future.  It’s up to you!

Keep in mind, you are not alone!

There will be monthly live coaching classes with Kimberly Horvath – your coach and CLARITY EXPERT and of course the weekly live sessions in the Ignited Spirits Facebook community where like-minded people will offer their encouragement and insight.

And remember there are new programs available every quarter and resources added on a very regular basis.  This is the real deal.  No gimmicks, no fluff, no fooling.


Subscribe today and you will receive the 3-Steps to a MAXIMIZED Life self coaching e-book absolutely FREE!

So, let’s recap:

By activating your Ignited Life Membership you will receive:

  • A PRIVATE online coaching portal

  • Online coaching programs within the portal (added to quarterly)

  • A customized online Visions and Goal Journal

  • Library Area with usable forms and worksheets

  • Monthly Group (LIVE) Coaching sessions (Online) – For members only

  • A Goal tracking area that links to your Google Calendar

  • Additional tools and resources added every month

  • Online community via Facebook

  • A Bonus Ebook

The current value of this program is already well over $500 and it will build EVERY MONTH!

Not to mention that you will transform your life by equipping yourself with the tools and information to live IGNITED!

And of course, you can cancel at any time.  You have EVERYTHING TO GAIN by joining.  Enjoy an IGNITED Life – subscribe now!

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