Coaching Specialties

We offer one type of coaching – the type that marries your spirit, soul and mind!  As people we all play many roles but we are one person, so we believe that CLARITY is the answer.  We believe that where ever we sit in our spiritual relationship – there is more.  We believe that there is much more to God than we have tapped into.  We believe that the more “tuned in”  a person is to God’s frequency, the more they will receive – whether it’s wisdom or simply overall peace.

Our coaching process is for you if:

You are in a place where you know there is something more, but you are unsure what “more” is

You believe you are called to “more” but you are lacking support

You have done all the things you were taught – but they are not working

You are frustrated and have left “the church” or you are thinking about it

You feel within you that a shift, a change is necessary (maybe even already here), but you simply haven’t grasped it yet.


Our coaching is not for you if:

You are satisfied with where you are in life

You feel connected and joyful within your spirit most of the time

You believe your spiritual life is fulfilled (whether due to your church affiliation or some other means)

You believe that your life has balance and you believe change is unnecessary