Cafe Night

Just like a jolt of caffeine to your body,

Cafe Nite will Ignite Your Spirit!


What started out as a one-time teaching has grown into a movement!  Cafe night is what happens with a group of people that are seeking the Word of God – assemble together in one place and leave with CLARITY!!!


Kimberly Horvath is an ordained minister that uses her spiritual gifting to teach with a clarity that is not often found.  She teaches using her gifting “a word of knowledge” to help those that are seeking to design their life according to the best plan available.


This is not about a church, a denomination, or anything religious.  There is no group to join, just an opportunity to experience the Gospel – explained with a brand new twist.


Cafe Night is a MOVEMENT!  Here is what people are saying:


“When she said that – I felt FREEDOM”

“I’ve never experienced anything like it…And it’s all true”

“I’m coming back – again.  It’s just what I needed”

“It gets better and better EVERY TIME!”


Cafe Night is simple.

  1. We set a date

  2. Invite a few friends.

  3.  Bring a dish

  4. Show up and leave EMPOWERED!


Our world is changing and the new demand is that we – The body of Christ- stop “doing church” and start “living Christianity”.  This is not about rules and regulations.  Life can be messy.  It’s about knowing how to get better even when you are messy!   – Kimberly Horvath


Make a positive decision for yourself, experience Cafe Nite:

If you need more or something different

If you feel a calling to “more”

If you are feeling stuck in your ministry or calling

If you believe that there is more, but you are not sure what “more” is?


Whether you come for one of our services or host one yourself, you will be glad you did.