Wednesday Wisdom: About Abundance


When it comes to abundance, if you speak with Christians about it, often it’s a tense topic.  People believe different things about it.  For some, it’s great, for others…not so much. Personally, I believe that there are people on both sides of this thought that should expand their thinking.  And while I have no desire to argue on behalf or against what anyone is thinking.  I would like to offer a new way to look at abundance.

Imagine putting a glass on a table and pouring water into it.  Now imagine not stopping when the glass was full,  but keep going and allowing the water to spill over the glass.  The water will eventually (and quickly) get on the table and begin to touch whatever is on the table and maybe even change the composition of a few things.  Everything within the glass is what was needed to fill the glass.  The rest was extra that had to be shared.  And it was shared easily.

Here is a truth, we often give to others before we are full ourselves.  We give, and we deplete our personal source.   This results in burn out, frustration and maybe even a bit of anger (of course don’t forget all of the relatives to those emotions).  We are giving people what we NEED to sustain our life.  This isn’t good at all.  I believe we were meant to live in positive overflow.

Consider abundance, not just in what it does for us, but how we can use it to help others.  Imagine if all of your needs are met.  Not some ALL, and yet you still have more.  Not just money, but the things that are not tangible that make a life.  Imagine having joy, peace, satisfaction, good health – all on overflowing abundance.  Imagine that you are so filled with peace and appreciation for life, that your energy shifts and begins to touch the people around you in powerful and positive ways.   You greet people with a smile, you take a bit more time to be courteous, you are kinder, more compassionate, just more like…well, Jesus.  What if you had so much good going on in your own life, that you overflowed in an abundance and it simply exuded from your pores. Imagine the effortless positive impact you can have on others.

This week I challenge you to fill your cup and allow it to overflow.  Be grateful in all things (not easy but possible).  Receive positive thoughts, actions and people with fast enthusiasm. The fill belongs to you, however, the overflow you will receive, belongs to others.  Give it freely because there is more available.  Let’s face it, when you are in overflow, you can’t contain it anyway – let it go!

Hopefully, you can see the message I’m trying to convey here.  I really believe we allow the smallest things to shift our joy.  Why give your power away?  Be positive – choose the abundant way.   Your life and the lives of many others are counting on it.

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