Wednesday Wisdom: About Our P.E.T.S.

One of the things that connects many people is the fact that they are pet lovers!  If you are not a pet lover, you are probably wondering why anyone would voluntarily adopt a permanent toddler!  I mean, in essence, that’s what we do.  We take on the responsibility of a living thing that will need our assistance for the rest of its life.  We feed them, nurture them, take them places, protect them, groom them – my how we love our pets!  We take them in knowing that we will have to clean up their poop.  In fact, we KNOW they will most likely “go” somewhere that we don’t want them to, eat our shoes, ruin our furniture – and yet, we not only take them in, we keep them.  It sounds kind of crazy when you think of it this way doesn’t it?

Well, the truth is that our pets bring us a lot of love.  I love dogs because they are always excited to see you.  A dog is excited to see its owner because they went to the mailbox and came back!  It was as if you were gone all day.  They are our companions – keeping us company, knowing our moods, looking out for us just as we do for them.  Truthfully, I would say the majority of pet lovers receive more from pet ownership than they actually give.

Every now and then, there are situations that arise that cause pet owners to give their pets up. For responsible pet owners, this is never an easy decision. Sometimes, giving up the pet is the best decision for everyone.

As I thought about this, I saw a broader issue at hand.  Whether you are an animal lover or not, we all have P.E.T.S. that we hang onto.  We nurture them, keep them around, engage them, identify with them and yes, bring them from place to place with us.  We know they will cause major issues, but we entertain them anyway and simply refuse to let them go.  I’m talking about People, Experiences, Things and Situations.

Identity is a major thing to humans.  And we allow the P.E.T.S. in our life to dictate who we are and how we will live and react to the world around us all of the time.  We all know people that identify as a victim.  Everything in life happened to them and they behave that way.  It happened 30 years ago, but their behavior is as if it happened this morning.  And what about the people that continue to remain intimately involved with other people that make their life miserable.  They moan and complain but never make a plan to escape.  WHY????  Simply put, change is hard.  Change is scary.  Change does not guarantee that things will be better.  Often we are more comfortable, and we feel safer with what we know, even when it isn’t good.

Getting rid of the P.E.T.S. in our life is only for those who are brave and it all starts with changing our thoughts.  Why identify as being a victim when you can identify as being someone that is victorious?  Why remain in an unhealthy situation when a better situation is just waiting for you to say yes?  Why keep toxic people in your inner circle when there are better people available?  People that will build you up, support your dreams or at the very least, not stop you from having dreams.

This week I invite you to take an inventory of your life and see if there are any P.E.T.S. that you need to reconsider keeping ownership of.  Giving them up may be difficult, but if your P.E.T.S. are toxic, you will be much better off.

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