Wisdom Wednesday: About Belief

Each month I take part in a “Café Nite with Kim”. It’s a beautiful informal gathering of people that are hungry for spiritual direction. It’s a night of teaching, discussion, and fellowship where mindsets are not only expanded but challenged. During the last meeting, one of the conversations that came about was on the subject of belief. Specifically, why do we continue to believe things that are not showing themselves to be true to us?

This is a challenging question for a person of any faith. You see, all faiths have precepts/laws that are “the way things are done”. That’s fine. That wasn’t the question on the table. The question was why do we continue believing something that no longer shows itself to be true, especially if doing so no longer serves us?

When I was a kid I remember the toy called a “Big Wheel”. It was a type of tricycle that had a seat that expanded as your kid grew. It was great because parents paid for it once, but the child was able to use it for years! It was a true win/win situation. However, there came a point in time when the child would inevitably outgrow the Big Wheel and without a doubt, a new set of wheels would be requested. Often times this meant a small two-wheeler with training wheels! The upgrade was worth the expansion.

I believe the same is true of spiritual concepts. We learn precept upon precept, which means that you learn something and you build on that learning – allowing for an expansion in understanding. In math, learning simple arithmetic leads the way to geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics and so on. Again, it is the same in matters of the spirit. So the question again is this: If what we believe is not offering the relief we expected, why do we keep insisting that certain things are true as they are? Incidentally, my suggestion is not that we throw the belief away, but simply that we release our hold a bit so that our understanding of the belief is expanded. Precept by precept.  Hmmmm…

I felt the thoughts in the room struggle as I gave voice to questions that many questions have within:

  • Do you tithe and still struggle financially?
  • Have you fasted for things, sown for things, believed for things, that you’ve been waiting on for years?
  •  Have you given as led, stood in wholehearted belief and still exist in a place of lack in some area, all the while being assured that God loves you, knows what’s going on and cares?

Ahhhh, the beautiful discomfort!  I’m sure people thought that I was about to support their complete abortion of the Christian faith. Not so! In fact, I simply believe that the lack of evidence is due to a lack of understanding. After all, God’s people suffer due to a lack of knowledge, not a lack of trying to get it right.

Keep in mind that spiritual growth comes with not only the study of God’s word but in the living out of what you discover. This means that some of the gems of your faith, some of the basic foundational understandings, will without a doubt change their shape a bit, in an effort to offer you a richer knowledge that will allow you to experience even more unshakable faith. If your eyes have made it to this place, then the question I have for you today is this: Are you willing to be the first to challenge your foundational beliefs – even if it means standing all alone in that space? This type of study is not for the faint of heart, but it is for those that can truly admit that they have arrived to a place that no longer works and their only choices are to either abandon their course or to dig deeper for the gems they are sure to find.



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