Wisdom Wednesday: About Being A Blessing

When most people think of a blessing, they think of big, miraculous things that happen, when it seems there was no way for this thing to come true. However, the term blessing has more than just one meaning. I enjoy this one that I found when searching the definition on Bing: a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being. Clearly blessings come in all sizes.

There is a common saying amongst Christians that declares: I am blessed to be a blessing. It comes from 2 Corinthians where Paul is giving instruction to the people of Corinth on how to live the Christian way. This is the focus I have for today – on being a blessing and not only expecting one.

It can be difficult to be a Christian working in a corporate environment. Sometimes the very mention of any person of the trinity sends people into a tailspin. It seems that many feel that a conversation means that we are trying to convert the masses and create a church. However, I have found 2 ways to discuss my faith at work: 1 – to wait until someone questions me about my faith – which they often do, and 2) simply “being” a Christian rather than talking about it.

I believe in being a blessing and I seek to do it all of the time. It could be helping a co-worker on a project, writing a note to someone’s boss about a job well done, setting up someone’s workspace – for no reason at all, paying for lunch, offering a ride or leaving an anonymous envelope with much needed additional funds. These are all unprovoked, simply to be kind, “I want nothing in return” blessings. I try to do things anonymously as much as I can. It’s not about me, it’s about the joy the person feels when they realize someone did something deliberately to help them. And the expression on their face when they are talking about it, blesses me in a way that I cannot explain. Blessing others fills my heart with joy.

This week, I challenge you to make a decision each day to provide an act of kindness – not to a stranger, but to someone that you know. These are the people that are a part of our tribe for one reason or another. Whether we work together, are friends, attend the same activities or places of worship, in some way, we are sharing life…let’s make theirs a little bit better. There is an amazing trickle effect that occurs when random acts of kindness occur. No matter who we are or what our situation, we all have the ability to be a blessing. Let’s do it!



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