7 Ways to Get Over Your Roadblocks

Roadblocks – they happen to the best of us.  You are moving along just fine and all of a sudden you realize, you’re stuck.  Well the great thing is you don’t have to remain stuck for long.  Check out this post on 7 ways to get over your roadblocks!

1) Create a support Network for yourself. Align yourself with people that are a positive influence for the MAXIMIZED you. These people will often be people who are successful at living a MAXIMIZED life themselves! This is your new network…be sure to cultivate these relationships.

2) Try, Try again. One of the worst things a person can do when they fail is never try again. When people do that they live with that defeat for the rest of their lives. Your MAXIMIZED life is worth every effort that you can offer yourself. You cannot expect to unravel a method of thinking that took years to cultivate in three weeks! If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again.

3) REFOCUS: Sometimes things happen to make you feel that you have not made any strides forward at all. Do not allow yourself to exist with last years mentality…focus on right now! When you realize that you have hit a pothole, it’s a sign that your car is moving forward! Focus on the road in front of you…you just may miss the next pothole!

4) LEARN: Be willing to learn from your roadblocks and set backs. When they come count them as blessings in disguise pushing to teach you something about you and the life you are living. Don’t run from them, embrace them, learn from them and move on. If you learn from them now, it will halt a repeat visit from them later!

5) Be Empowered: Remember, whether sent by God or Allowed by God our setbacks are under the control of God. Be empowered over your struggle knowing that God is there with you and has uniquely gifted you to be able to handle it.

6) Pray and hear what God is saying.

7) Be obedient to the word of God.

Come on, did you really need further detail for 6 and 7? Be Blessed – kmh

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