Enjoying Your Relationship with God

I did a Google search and I found developing growing pursuing, pursuing intimacy and personal relationship but I did not find enjoying your relationship with God or enjoying your relationship with Jesus. Wouldn’t it seem that for people of faith since your relationship with God is so important, you should be able to easily find information on how to enjoy it?  Check out this article on my thoughts regarding enjoying your relationship with God. 

It seems that whenever were taught about our relationship with God, We are taught about establishing the right foundation. We were taught about right from wrong and how we need to strive to do the right things. We were taught about learning about what God wants us to do and of course we learned all about prayer. We were taught about many things but we are never taught about simply existing in that relationship and enjoying it.

All of what we were taught was very important. A great way of truly understanding those lessons, is simply by enjoying the relationship that we have with God.

There’s a song that talks about how it is a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. This is so true. As Christians we have a reciprocal relationship with a God that not only hears us but that we can hear also. Membership has its privileges!

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you continue to develop your relationship with God.

Number one: God cannot lie

We can learn much about a Gods character by reading the bible. Numbers 23:19 states that God is not a man that he should lie. In the New Testament it shows us that John 14:17 that the Holy Spirit is also called the Spirit of Truth. Not only that, but that the Holy Spirit is going to lead us into all truth. This is another reminder to us that the Holy Spirit is God himself and God will never lie to us.

One of the things that can bring peace to us that can help us to enjoy our lives and our relationship is when we rest in the fact that we don’t have to worry about anything that God is holding back God will always tell us the truth He’s not going to lie to us.

One of the things that I enjoy so much about my relationship with God is that he tells me the truth. Therefore when I’m dealing with him I know I’m going to get the truth about myself and the world around me. And it’s always a good thing.

Number two. We can accept his willingness to be with us all of the time.

One of the things that causes our relationships to go stale is a lack of time. We all play many different roles in life, mother, father, child, aunt, uncle, student, employee, boss. All of these rolls take time. And often it seems we spend most of our best hours away from the people that we love and care for most. The great thing about God is that He has time for all of us. He not only can be with all of us at the same time but we must remember that He doesn’t even exist in time- He created it.

God is omnipresent and is with each and everyone of us at the time we want Him to be there. He is everywhere. He can talk to us talk, be there for someone else and we never have to be concerned about whether someone is getting more time with God then we are. He’s never too busy. He is never unavailable. He is always there for us and what is great is even when our human relationships fail because someone is not able to be there, God is always available.

Number three. We can let Him provide the answers.

One of the privileges of being in a relationship with God comes when we recognize that He has all of the answers. I want you to think about this for a moment. Because there are times in life when we all feel like we are on the outside looking in. There are times when all of us feel that we are not a part of the hip crowd. But our God knows the answer to every thing that there is a question for. And not only does He know the answer but He is able and willing to perform this thing on our behalf should we just ask and allow Him to. So one of the ways that we can continue to enjoy a relationship with God is by allowing him to become involved in that relationship and to perform on our behalf.

Number four we can enjoy our relationship by enjoying His favor.

We have a right to have Gods favor active in our lives. This is not because we are so right. It has nothing to do with what we have done. It is simply because as Christian people we have a right to Gods favor because He says so.

Many people say favor is not fair. And I guess by human standards it isn’t. But in the world of the spirit, Favor is fair. It rains upon the just and the unjust. God wants us all to be saved and sometimes a person must experience a healing in order to be saved. (Selah) It is simply the way God is. God is a God of generosity. God is a God of grace. God is a God of favor.

Number five: We can accept His provision.

Part of excepting the provision of God is being able to hear him. I have found in my life that when I heard the voice of God and did according to what I heard, I have always come out ahead. The truth is that God cares about all aspects of our life. His provision is not only about ensuring we have a roof over our heads or a job to go to and money in our bank account. His provision honestly is about providing for us every answer that we need in any avenue of our life. He loves to be involved.

Number six: all of these things lead up to us enjoying his peace.

When you recognize that you’re dealing with the God of truth that is always present that has all the answers, that will give you favor and that He cares about the details of your life, how can you not have peace.

Now that it is the peace that passes all understanding


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