Question yourself

ignite = [ig-nahyt] to set fire to, to kindle
kindle = [kin-dl] to excite, to stir up or set going, to animate

As I prepare for the IGNITE the Spirit retreat, I cannot help but to be reminded what igniting the spirit is all about. My purpose in this retreat is the same as my calling – to stir Christians up to the point where it causes them to move! I simply love it!

My method is simple, to provoke thought through questioning. This is the reason why I coach. Life-coaching is a skill. It starts with being able to ask the right questions. On the weekend of Sept 20, U will lead this group of women on a thought provoking journey that is sure to be insightful, life altering and I know it will IGNITE them. How do I know this? Plain and simply, I’m a vessel that God uses because I allow myself to be used by Him.

I recognize that not everyone can or will go on a spiritual retreat. So I thought I’d share a few things that God has been talking to me about lately – some of which will be a part of the retreat discussions.

I believe that God has made a way for all people to come to him. Black, white, brown, pink, rich, poor, somewhere in between, good bad, ugly, not so much, loving, hateful, fearful, brave, tattooed, pierced, dyed hair, straightened hair, permed hair, naturals, mothers, fathers, children, greeks, jews, agnostics, atheists,gay, straight, both – you get the point….ALL PEOPLE – can come to Him. There is one hitch – you must come AS YOU ARE. So many of us are trying to get better as if we have to reach a certain criteria to move into relationship with Him. Not so, He says – COME AS YOU ARE.

What I love abut this is that the call is to every human being. God will deal with the layers of things that are hinderances to us seeing the full truth, He just wants to be in relationship with us so that the journey of our healing may begin. He didn’t even ask that you believe in him before you come. God has a remedy for every heart and head ache. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain if you would just go to him.

So what does it mean to go to Him? How does it change anything, how does this affect your life and the lives of those around you ? Hmmm…good questions,


What about God anyway? Do you believe there is a God? I can tell you that your life is influenced by your decision either way, But I’m going to take a moment to speak to the audience that I coach – those of you that are Believers. If you believe in God – ask yourself this questions – how does that belief affect your waking life? If you are a Christian believer ask yourself the same thing along with, explaining what you have learned in the past 6 months that has impacted your life. Think about this for a moment.


So often we spend time knowing what we know without it having any real impact of the way we live our lives, We know things that doe not affect us in church, at work or at home. We learned a few things in Sunday school that have never penetrated our psyche because we have never really taken the time to understand the truth of what we believe.

For example, God is real. As this one revelation because to let loose in my spirit, I realized I would not be able to contain its effect on me. It is a revolutionary thought when you allow its meaning to take affect. God is real. My understanding of God suggests that He created the wold and all things, that after we got it wrong, He still had a plan that would allow us to remain with Him in eternity, My understanding of God tells me that I am important to Him and that His plan is that I live a prosperous life. That I should be prosperous in very way: health, wealth, spirit and mind. That not only I would be blessed, but my children and their children etc… That GOD ALMIGHTY is concerned about all things that I am concerned about. So my friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, whomever I come into contact with can receive blessings simply because I desire them to be blessed. I have no reason to worry or fear because the ultimate control belongs to God and the story of my life has already been written because in the end WE WIN. When I look at these few thoughts that came flushing through my head I simply want to live differently. I am happy, light, peaceful and I want to actually be a light for all to encounter. All because I believe that GOD IS REAL.


This week, as I continue to prepare for my retreat, I challenge you to ask yourself the right questions. Dig deeper about your belief system. Be determined to have it make a positive impact on your life. Discover what you believe and be IGNITED!

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