Living “The Way” part 3 of 3

6) Forgiveness: The bible is filled with scripture on forgiveness. Matthew 6:14-15 tells us to forgive others so God will forgive us. Matthew 18:21 Peter asks Jesus how many times should I forgive my brother… Jesus reply. 70 x 7.

Most of us have been spoken to about the idea of forgiveness. We understand it as something we should do…as being a good and right thing. What many of us do not understand is that forgiveness is more for us, than the other person. God’s directions for us are always given so we will prosper.

When we don’t forgive it causes stress…negative stress. That easily affects our health…and our daily living. Do you have any idea how much energy you use just being angry with someone? Not going places to avoid them, changing the way you walk or route you drive to avoid them, not listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite program because it reminds you of them…PLEASE!!!

I don’t really have much of an issue with forgiving others…my issue is with forgiving myself. In 2013, I will be more willing to forgive myself. I will stop being so judgmental and celebrate myself more. The truth is I intend to spoil myself shamelessly. I don’t believe I’m an overindulgent person. I don’t spend large amounts of money on a regular basis. In fact my favorite store used to be the dollar store…now I think it may be five below…idk. But i figure if God can forgive me…I should forgive me also. I’ve learned to recognize that it is Satan that reminds me of my mistakes. But it’s usually because I’m focused in a place that frightens him. When faced with the opportunity to remember a transgression, I will remember that I’m. Covered by the blood instead. This will allow me to move forward without guilt and condemnation. It will allow me to freely receive what God has for me. Will you do the same?

7) I will Accept change more willingly

2 Cor 5:17. Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have past away and behold all things are become new.

Change is inevitable. No matter what. So why do we fight it so hard? We talk about yesterday as if it was the best time ever, when the truth is today isn’t so bad. In fact, the bible. Says your latter days are greater than your past…so I’m excited about what tomorrow brings.

This year I will embrace change more willingly. I will learn to rest in the Lord, seek his direction and abide under his wings when change comes. I will learn to make modifications when and where necessary and I will learn not to be shaken to fiercely by the winds of change.

God has made promises to me…he promised never to leave or forsake me, so I’m not alone. He says that he has a plan to prosper me, which means will not leave me in harms way. God has a positive plan for my future! When I look at the demonstration of the lives of those in the bible, their times were not always easy, but God was always there and he had the last say…in the end WE WIN!!!! Oh what a mighty God we serve! I may not know everything, but I know that the One true God is routing for me. Therefore nothing shall stand I my way, I will not be defeated. I many get knocked down from time to time…but I’m supervictorius In the blood! What about you? Will you join me and accept the reward of the price CHRIST paid for us! We are super bad and supervictorius in the blood.

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