Living “The Way” part 1 of 3

It’s 2013…a new year!!!! The time when many decisions are made about the year ahead. I’m not a big resolution person, however this year I decided to do something different. This year I decided to make a plan for a great 2013!!! As a Christian, I am consistently trying to develop my relationship with God. I am sharing my plan with you, hopeful that you will make a plan for your own successful 2013.

1) He came that we may have life! John 10:10

I love punctuation marks. They give your words meaning. Of all of them, i think my favorite punctuation is an exclamation point! I love it because it exudes feeling. When I see it I think of excitement, surprise, awe, fear! All of the emotions that cause you to gasp and have a sudden rush of emotion. ! Just one stroke of a pen and it turns a matter of fact yes into an excited absolutely yes!

This year I promise to fill my life with positive exclamation points. This is not a year for cosigners for me so…no one gets to say what my exclamation points can be. I’m going to decide. I’m going to experience more joy, more peace, more love, more excitement, better health, more wealth. I’m going to discover more about me, more about living in Him. I’m going to live enthusiastically.

I believe that is a great part of what Jesus came for. I want you to remember, that the bible was not written with punctuation. That sophisticated system came about later. So imagine if there was an exclamation point at the end of that sentence…He came that I might have life! And have it more abundantly! How does that change your understanding of what Jesus wanted.

2) I will chose my Inner Circle because, He chose His inner circle

The bible tells us that he chose the 12 disciples. And of the twelve, he chose yet another select 3 (Peter, James and John) to be even closer to him. We should keep something in mind…there were more than 12 followers….he chose the first twelve…and then the three. It is important to choose your inner circle. Jesus had an abundance of people that followed him. He chose the 12 and then he chose the 3. He CHOSE them. It was his habit to get up early, pray and then move. I believe that he chose with the guidance of the HS. He didn’t choose haphazardly, he chose wisely. When I see this, I believe that what he was choosing was not friends…but those that would carry his legacy…Gods truth to the end of the world. He chose those he would pour into without abandon…and of the 12 he chose…he whittled it down to 3 more. Not because they would obey his every word. Not because they wouldn’t deny him. Not because they would capture his every teaching and manifest them immediately. I believe he was lead by the Spirit and that the spirit chose them by their heart…and by knowing the truth of the intended destiny for their lives.

So who was the true inner circle for Jesus…God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. He sought them out first thing daily. He talked to them all day long. He called upon them when he was in need. He trusted them with his truth. They poured into him and he learned.

The model that Jesus set up was that he had a circle above him thatbhe received from and the. Those underneath that he poured into. This is a great model for life.

Imagine if you adopted this model for your life. If you allowed the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to be your inner circle. If you put them above your friends…every one of them, your parents, your family’s your spouse or significant other. If you confided in them, sought them out for answers first. Showed them how much you appreciated them….just imagine. I believe you would live life with more exclamation points! This year I chose to try harder to make the trinity my inner circle. I won’t get everything right…but at least they will be on my side!

3)This year I will live with more boldness

There wasn’t anything timid about Jesus. In fact throughout the bible you will find that when a person found their Identity and purpose in God, fear and timidity took a back seat. What arose instead was confidence, power, assuredness and deliberate intention. Wouldn’t it feel great to put aside some of your fears?

In my own life I’ve often lived with the idea of how others would judge me. Not because I have proof that they did…it’s just the was many of us were raised. One of the ways to get your children to act right is to remind them of how they will be treated (judged) by others if they don’t behave. There is nothing wrong with that…it’s a fact. The challenge comes when you are an adult living according to those same guidelines. When you are making choices according to how you will be judged rather than what’s in your heart. In order to follow the design for your life that God had in mind, you will have to ignore the voices in your head that i call the judgement seat. Its one thing to line your actions up with what you belive to be Gods word. Its another, to align your actions to simple judgements. When you make the decision to distrust your inner cues…you are ignoring the spirit within and that usually does not end up well. Remember, the Holy Spirit is our counselor. We can rely on him to lead us in the perfect (not just right) next step for our lives. If you can fine tune yourself to hear the language of the Spirit within you, you will be less apt to make mistakes. This does not mean that criticism will cease….it will probably be greater. But peace that passes all understanding is the result of following the Spirit within.

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