Living “The Way” part 2 of 3

4)This year I will learn more (study to show yourself approved – my ppl suffer for the lack of knowledge)

Where would we be without learning? Whether you are reading the first or second testament of the bible, it is clear that learning was important. The survival of a civilization depended upon the Intellegence of its people…could they master a trade, farming for food, building for shelter etc. could they master languages in order to engage other people, reach treaties, engage in bartering? In fact during Jesus time, thought leaders were commonly known of. They traveled with “schools” of followers Just as Jesus did, in order to share their beliefs, customs, awareness. People were experts at their trade, having not just studied their art, but practicing for many years. How to fish, make boats, cook, melt metals, make tents and so on. They learned and they prospered.

Today the ability to learn is readily at our fingertips! With the Internet, video capability and various digital downloading formats available…we have access to endless about of information. You can learn vast amounts simply by searching a subject. What is it that you would like to know? I know many people that watch tv with a computer or tablet device so they can look up things as they watch. I keep a running list of topics in my mind and can spend hours letting the Internet suck me in. This year I’m going to be more intentional I my learning. I’m going to study Spanish (again) because I’m determined to be able to preach a sermon or teach a lesson in Spanish. I’m going to learn more about finances, specializing on ways to save, budget and make money. I’m going to take on formal education as well…just because it’s something I want to do. And I will make bold declarations over my life as I learn them from the Word of God.

What about you? What have you wanted to learn more about? Have you wondered now something works – like the mechanics of a clock or a lamp? Have you played around with photography as a hobby, but are now determined to learn a few more things about it? Did you know that God works with what you have to offer? The more knowledge you have, the more ways he can use you. Be determined to learn more.

5). I will accept the platform given to me because Jesus accepted His platform

If you hear the story of many preachers, we often talk about how we ran from the call off God to preach this awesome Word of God. I don’t know where we thought we were running to…but we were running…and I’m sure God was laughing. I don’t know Ida initially Jesus ever tried to run. I do know that if he did, he lost that battle. Jesus accepted his platform.

I’ve run from my platform most of my life. I’ve run from it as much as I’ve embraced it. My call is to teach, in a regular but yet dynamic way. The platforms scare me to no end. I am not comfortable having all eyes on me. I’m terrified of being the center of attention and get so nervous sometimes I’m almost sick. But then I remember, when I am weak, he is strong. I remembers my call is Gods responsibility. Over the years I’ve learned to let God in during those moments of sheer heart wrenching terror so that I can move forward in his plan for my life. This year, I will not only embrace the call, but I will embrace the platform. I will embrace standing in front of the group, on a stage or in a pulpit, or on a radio show. I embrace that God intends to use me and the more I surrender the greater the platform. I see book readings and signings in my future and I see television. In my future – this terrifies me…but I will embrace my platform and allow God to lead me. What about you?

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